Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Thirsty for Excitement

A couple of days ago, I got a friend request from this fairly attractive guy on the facebook. Soon I realized he was one those people who just added strangers. Fast forward... he invited me to go to a cafe.

I was getting bored in my Saigon home and decided to take that risk. Ironically, we chatted about not trusting Saigon boys earlier that day.

When he picked me up, he wasn't very talkative. He drove his motorbike down an alley and I paniced. "Um.. so is this where you live?"

"No, this is Cafe Nep. There's no other place in Saigon like this..."

He spoke to me in broken English, I spoke to him in broken Vietnamese. The hidden treasure had no sign and people who walk pass would immediately dismiss it. When we entered, I was in another world. The room was dim, the ceiling was high, the floor was checkerboard, there was air conditioning and about 30-40 people sitting at tables talking quietly (very UNvietnamesey). The room itself was small and divided into two sections. There was a piano, a violinist and a guitarist. People order drinks while they waited for the program to start.

"I know the owner," he said proudly. He had connections, you usually have to make reservations. "People come here when they want to get away from the busy life of Saigon. This is the place to relax and to think about nothing."

This adorable lady in her late 20s came out with a black dress with her shoulder exposed. She began to talk. I understood what she was saying...most of it. She talked about random things, she had charm. I felt like I was in San Francisco.

"...I am a tough owner... I lose a lot of waiters. But with every strict teacher comes a stronger student"

She began to sing a Vietnamese song and I fell in love. I was sitting very close to her. It was as if she were singing to me. I told the boy that I love her and in between songs he told her that I love her.

"well he needs to write his name down! You know, I am married, but that doesn't matter! There are all kinds of love!" Her charism was astounding. She talked to the audience as if she were speaking to them one on one.

She sang a couple of English songs: "Woman in Love" and a couple of others. Her prounciation was very good.


This place was romantic. This place was where I would fall in love. I talked to the boy about random things. He was growing on me even though he was a complete stranger.

"There's three types of attraction. 1. The type where you meet... you give them everything for one night and you never talk to them again. 2. The type where you love to look at them, but you're not their best friend. 3. The type where you want to be with them every second of everyday... the last one is real love."

I was suprised that I was capable of maintaining an intelligent converstaion.

"No one knows about me in Saigon. Only five people. You can't be so easy to expose yourself. Just give them a small percentage of who you are."

"That's my problem, I'm too trusting.. that's why I came out tonight.. I trust you."

"Well, you should only trust those who you really think are trustworthy."

His words began to become scripted and contradictory.

"When you go out, you shouldn't be so quick to pay. In Saigon, if someone asks you to go out... you let them pay because they invited you." Well he had no problem with me paying for our drinks at the cafe. In fact, he didn't even mention it. Even though he was the one who invited me. Maybe he was subtly pointing out my foolishness.

"A lot of girls like me. A lot of boys like me too. I'm very popular."
Yeah... The more he talked the less I liked him. He was playing a game with me. He had a motive.

I asked him if he had a boyfriend.
"I haven't found him yet, but when I talk to him... I will know."

"I don't believe in that... you have to get to know them first"

"...are you getting to know me? Do you like me?"

"...............uh....i don't know yet."

He was clearly playing a game. He was clearly saying things that people like to hear. He was telling me to be careful and not to trust anyone so that I think that he cares about me and I would easily give my trust to him. He was telling me he was very desirable to make me desire him too.

He was cunning.


He took me home and we agreed to meet again anyway. Why not? My cousin grilled me while I was on the toliet. WHO WAS THAT!? WHERED YOU MEET HIM!??!?! ON CHAT!?!?! DID HE PICK YOUR POCKET?!?!

I could only respond with... "Please stop yelling at me, I'm trying to shit."

I was getting annoyed, but my cousin was right. I could have gotten mugged or beaten up or left stranded. But I was thirsty for some sort of excitement.... danger.

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