Sunday, September 28, 2008

Submitting my "Halfpat" Application

I am overwhelmed.

The opportunities are endless in Vietnam. I did a facebook search on Berkeley kids in Vietnam and found some cool kids and HOT HOT resources!

Check this article out:
Younger, Nimbler, Cheaper: 'Halfpats' Are the New Expats

"Companies are basically saying to up-and-coming employees that they value international experience and young people are much more open-minded about it than in the past," says GMAC's Scott Sullivan. "In fact, they are often aggressively pursuing these opportunities, sometimes even at cost to themselves, or at least accepting much lower expat packages. They see it as a way to get experience and become more marketable."

The GMAC survey only reflects people who have actually been moved abroad by employers, but there is also an exploding population of "halfpats" -- people who travel on their own. Many of them end up getting onto a career track, even if they arrive overseas initially as students, interns or even backpackers.


And another:

Salaries record highest rise in five years

This is from the September 13, 2008 edition of The Saigon Times

Navigos Group, the leading recruiting and integrated human resource solutions provider in Vietnam, has released preliminary results of it Vietnam Salary Survery 2008 showing the average salaries this year have grown 19.5%, a five-year high.

The growth in salaries is much higher then in 2006 and 2007 when Vietnam's economy was rapidly growing but salaries increased by only 9% and 12.6% respectively.

The survey identifies that a number of companies have revised up salaries two to three times within a year to help their employees cope with high inflation and to retain them.

It results were based on the analysis of data gathered from more than 180 companies representing 15 major industries from April 2007 to March 2008. The tracked industries include manufacturing, finance, information technology, fast moving consumer goods (FMCG), construction and engineering, hospitality and tourism, pharmaceutical, and chemical.

Navigos Group will organize a seminar on "How Competitive is Your Compensation Strategy?" for participants to discuss relevant issues, current trends and analysis from the final salary survey on September 23 in HCM City and September 25 in Hanoi.

Last month, the marketing and research firm TNS Vietnam released the Consumer Trends 2008 findings, showing that up to 95% of the consumers in Vietnam have been impacted by inflation but only one-third of them have seen their salaries rise. Ralf Matthaes, managing director of TNS Vietnam, said that the percentage of higher salary beneficiaries remained low but was understandable as most companies did salary reviews at the end or beginning of each year.


Am I being too ambitious? Am I too young and inexperienced? Would I be leaving too much behind if I persue this path?

What if I DO want to stay for a longer period of time? My plane ticket won't allow it, my Visa expires in Dec 20. WTF do i do?! Maybe take another break Nov.-Dec. and buy another plane ticket back in January?!


With an opening door comes more questions, concerns.... excitement.

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"Would I be leaving too much behind if I persue this path?"