Monday, September 1, 2008

August Recap

August slipped away from me.
Luckily I write everything down.

August 1: August Dragon
Went to a potluck, made dates filled with cheese wrapped in bacon.
Dragon was dragon. My monthly Quota

August 7: Facials
Neil invited us over for some Facials! LOL. I know what you're thinking.

August 8: Castro
Seeing my ex was really nice. I'm used to his cynicism, but lately he's been empathetic with out being condescending. It's really nice to reconnect with him especially when he seems genuinely concerned rather than motivated to jab at me. Talk to lots of strangers. But they seem to be reappearing in my life.

August 9: Nihonmachi Street Fair
Ran into old and young NSU! :D Japantown is fun.

August 9: Mardi Gra Party
Sean Paul makes me smile. His parties are always elaborately decorated.

Pho- Yogurt- Swimming- Cambodian Food!
MoAny prepared us for the Fish Moose, it was surprisingly delicious

August 15: Downtown San Jose
Watching others throw up while leaning over a light rail bench is fun. I did my part by covering the throw up with a Metro newspaper.
That's Anhimals. She's loads of fun

August 16: Festival of India
I love cultures. People need to get out there and learn about these amazing events that happen around them. Oh the food was so good. There was a booth for "Trikone," which is a gay Indian
organization. They heard me point them out and they waved to me... I ran away.

I remember participating in Holi: Festival of Colors and Raas Garba.
Love it. Miss it. Gotta blog about them some time.

August 18: Diana visits
She was in town for two seconds, then escaped back to San Diego. At least we have twitter.

August 22: Middles School Friends
I went out with some old distant middle school friends. A lot of them weren't doing anything special with their lives. The cute ones stayed cute, the lames stayed lame. The ones that I suspect to be gay were gay. It was casual.

August 31: Szeto Bday Outing!
Butterfly Zone exhibit - Cha Cha Cha Dinner with Sangria and FRESH Dancing!

I'll blog more when I get more pictures!

MoAny's been cooking!
In an effort to save money and in interest, MoAny's been cooking! YUM!

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