Monday, September 15, 2008

Dreaming About Vietnam

Last night I had two dreams:

I drove to some random city to meet some boy, but got tired and pulled over to sleep. I left my engine on and a cop woke me up only to arrest me because it's illegal for me to drive. Only 6 days before I leave and I screw myself over.

I brought Janelle and Smyr back to Saigon with me. I notice there was no traffic and the streets were clean. When I brought them to my family's house they were captured and made to do community service to beautify the country.

Look what my boys made me. Oh man, I'm starting to miss them... oh man anxiety is kicking in!

Heart times a million!!!


JarofMarbles gave me a shout out!

Maybe I'll fly to Australia for a bit... :P

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mich said...

o m g .. best picture ever.