Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Swamped with Resources

I'm preparing myself.

I don't really know what to expect... an extravagant vacation? No.
A pro bono, non-profit focused, volunteer adventure? No.
A chance to hop on board start ups as Vietnam's economy is exploding as the US is at a stand still? No.

I hope to do a little of all three, but not purely focus on one.
I'm reading blogs, emailing some people. I don't want to be unprepared.

So much research. I read about reconstructive surgery for developing countries through Interplast. There are shady "personal tours" that will take you to "hot spots, dance clubs, and bad places." "The most fun you'll ever have." HAHA

There are lots of photo blogs of food and panoramas.

There was an earthquake, great.

There are a lot of programs to get kids off the streets in Hanoi and Saigon (HCMC).
Goal: to enable young people to break out of the poverty cycle, forever.

The Vietnamese slang for gay is bóng, a word meaning both “shadow” and “shiny. So like shadow of a person, in the background, insignificant and shiny... like flamboyant? Or the word bê đê, from the French pédé. This guy, Nguyen Van Dung, got his diary printed about his struggles with being gay in Vietnam. The fact that it was printed demonstrates great progress! It has yet to be translated or available on Amazon.

I can touch up my Vietnamese over the web. Or analyze how Vietnamese adopts words from other languages. Or sing along to my FAVORITE Vietnamese popsong: Nhưng Anh Tin Mình đã Cho Nhau Một Kỷ Niệm. And read about contemporary art.

There are blogs by Vietnamese kids studying English. Good lord, they define.. "Broken." But thought provocting writings.

I found some blogs regarding marketing, managing a business and news.

Vietnamese-Americans Unite!: http://www.vietcali.com/
Vietnam updates and news: http://www.vietnamextremes.com/

I want this to be me:

Cuz I'm Vietnamese and I can shake my hips!

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