Sunday, September 14, 2008

Going Out Too Much

Goosetown in Willow Glen

The bartender girl was scary aggressive.
I asked her for recommendations and to explain the drink ingredients and she condescendingly responded, "is this your first time at a bar or something?!"

No, but it's my first time dealing with a cow faced bitch of a bartender. But then she started to sing Atlanis Morissette really well. Her hot bartender friend did some Eminem, but Anthony showed them both up with some Sinatra! BOO YEAH! (Oh, there was Karaoke!)


Went to the Cellar in the city Last Night.
But first we stopped by this house party. Here's the ratio: 3 girls, 15 guys. UGH! All big white boys listening to Journey's Don't Stop... BELIEVING and JT's SexyBack while playing flip cup in this run down, FRAT house looking apartment off Lombard. HOW predictable.

They were young professionals in the sports industry. Wow, they should have been able to afford a nice table and clean carpet. That's when I started to appreciate my Gay Asian "Young Professional" parties with wine, modern furniture and art on the walls. We bounced and found amazing parking one block away from the Cellar. "Good parking means good night!" This is Caitlin's theory.

Caitlin's friend goes, "hey, is the guy I'm dancing with cute?" Caitlin goes, "yeah!" And then she starts to make out with him. I love it.

I danced with random girls at the Cellar and I said, "I'M GAY!!!" And they respond, "But you dance like you like vagina!" Wow, I'm a great actor.

Cute girls, crazy boy.

I got a phone number from a girl I was dancing with (I'm a really good actor!)...and we crashed in the city! a 7 dollar cab ride away from the Cellar. Flagging down cabs was more difficult than I thought, so Caitlin just stood in the middle of the road until somebody stopped.


I'm having more fun at straight clubs. Granted I don't get to grind on boys (sometimes I do anyway) I find myself more confident. I find myself approaching hot girls to dance with. I think it's because I approach them to dance, not to get laid and they like that. I also flirt with boys and get touchy, they let me because they think I'm straight.

Hitting on boys is also more of a rush because you don't know if they are going to kick your ass or not. I really do think I have a straight boy fetish... oh man this is getting dangerous!

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Stanza said...

I had this bartender who was an absolute knob.
He poured my friend’s glass of beer which was still half full down the sink.

My friend was like: “Wtf, now with the current economic situation and soaring petrol prices you’ve got the audacity to pour my half full drink down the sink? What’s the matter with you?” lol

Then this big Samoan security guard came from behind and asked him to leave cos he said my friend was being rude. Him getting tossed out meant I had to leave.

I really couldn’t care less since I was in a place with dodgy clientele listening to shitty music