Saturday, September 27, 2008

That's SO Vietnamese

"Only in Vietnam."

A lot of the foreigners refer to shoddy craftsmanship, dangerously exposed electric cables or ghetto and illogical way of doing things as... "so Vietnamese."

Last night, when I was trying to turn on the light, I got electrocuted. Not badly, but enough to scare the shit out of me. There was a thunderstorm and I idiotically took a shower. 3 feet away from my body was an outlet. And in that outlet was a light bulb... sometimes it turns off when it "gets too wet." Something is wrong with this picture.


I took a popping class with my cousin and his friend last night at a community center. When I got off the bike before starting the class, I burnt my leg on the exhaust pipe. My cousin's friend referred this as my "Vietnamese mark."

The community center was "so Vietnamese." The hip hop classes/ballroom classes were held in this old French building that hasn't been renovated since the 70's; it was really run down- broken windows, chipped paint, water damage... like an abandoned building... but not abandoned at all. Though the tennis courts seemed brand new. In one room, there were break dancers and two hip hop classes. Three ghetto speakers were playing, 3 different song at the same time. I joked that maybe that's the reason why Vietnamese people can't find rhythm, but I soon ate my works when the breakers and poppers started to groove.

To my excitement, I found a pool and a cute shirtless boy to go with it. He told me that I could go swimming from 6am to 7pm for 65cent a day! My cousin advised against it, but I need to work out my body. I'm obese compared to everyone else; though the term "fat" seems to be embraced as a positive thing.

Things don't seem to last here. Fans, clothes, buildings... because they are poorly made or because of the conditions; everything seems to break down. That gets annoying.

It's only been a week and I've almost spent $100. Hmmm. On underwear, a bookbag, drinking, food, dance class, shirts, and gas. DANG! And I thought $100 was going to last me!

I guess I like to consume... and that's so Vietnamese.

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