Wednesday, September 3, 2008

My Sassy Girl

The Original, 2001 Korean version of this movie was a hit.
Yeopgijeogin geunyeo... everyone say it with me. Ye O PG&EO EO EO GIN GOOOO yEO EO.

I remember all my Asian American friends (who were little bit more ASIAN.. just a little bit) talking about this movie. You know, the same kids that make all their friends watch Battle Royale and listen to um Utada. Only a LITTLE bit more Asian.

I watched it, it was okay. I was confused. I thought the movie should have been called, "My Girlfriend's a Crazy Bitch and I am a Huge PUSH OVER" but sassy is cool too.

I was worried about the American 2008 remake. All the horror remakes were horrorBULL-shit, but with my expectations low and the eye candy high (Jesse Bradford, YUM!) I was pleasantly touched, moved and inspired. Not to mention the cinematography was great. (Same director as Love Actually.)

I liked the characters in the American version. The girl wasn't as bitchy, but rather charming and I guess what we (US kids) believe what "sassy" is. The guy was also a push over, but always "strong" as described by others.


This movie made the boys that I was sitting next to text the people they missed while I sat there dissecting the movie and breaking down each memorable quote.

"Some of us think we were destined, but it gets snatch from us. But we still move on because we have to see how it ends."

For sure.


And the closing line: "Destiny is the bridge we build to the people we love."

Do I believe in Destiny? Do I believe in "meant to be?"
Yes and No.

I guess the point of the movie is that you have to build your own destiny.

My parents watched the movie and I told them it was based on a Korean movie. My dad responded, "OH, NO WONDER IT WAS COMPLICATED!" Hah, well love's complicated.



dannie said...

oooh they have an american version? i never heard about it. i should see it

Stanza said...

A US remake for Battle Royale is underway apparently. I seriously hope they don't botch a movie that is considered a cult classic.