Monday, September 29, 2008

It Finally Happened.

Quick Update

I got a great haircut for 2 bucks. Sources tell me it's still too high. Psh. The guy was good.

Night Market
I bought 3 dress shirts for 6 bucks total.

I found a decent pool!! And an awesome swim suit to go with it! Time to work the gut!

I experienced a flooding after a storm! A lot of the motorbikes shut off because the flooding, this caused a lot of traffic. Despite that, I ate GREAT pho in an alley way while I was ankle deep in dirty water.

Exchanged Money
I exchanged another $100 for VND at jewelry store (the rates are much better than at a hotel.) But I lost 33cents because it was an old bill. Apparent money loses value...

It finally happened!
I went to one of my great aunties place, the poorest one of the bunch and ate some food. She was talking about using old lady perfume to mask body odor on clothes. She even suggested using it on face cloths to feel refreshed. When I send gifts, I'm bringing Febreeze. OMG.

She offered me some green tea. She handed me a bottle. I got worried when I noticed the seal had already been broken. SHIT this is what my parents warned me about. But for SOME reason I drank it anyway. "Oh don't worry, we cook our own green tea." That's what I was scared of.

Okay, it was like clock work. In a matter of 2 minutes my body screamed bloody mary. That tea needed to go!!! I was in agony, but I was eating lunch and my great auntie keep putting food in my bowl. "We are like cars, we need a lot of gas to run." I responded, "but if you put too much it'd explode." I was quite rude to be frank, but my body would have none of it.

Finally, I asked for the bathroom.

Okay. So this bathroom, makes my cousin's electric chair toliet seem like a throne. First, they had three scary dogs jumping on the door trying to get in while I was trying to release. Second, there was no toliet seat, third the dirt ground was very wet. Fourth... I don't know it was just terrible. I made a video.

But I felt so much better and ate two more bowls to compensate for my rudeness.

Never again.


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