Saturday, September 27, 2008


The internet is working and I'm going to take advantage of it by blogging a lot.

Nhau is awesome. Drink and eat!!! It's brilliant.
I tried new foods. Duck tongue, fried pig intestines and snail (Snell is a street by my house) in tamarind sauce!


Let's read the menu together:
-Pig Insides

My cousin's friends are hillarious!! This place is so ghetto! and by the dirty river. Oh man.
I'm starting to like iced Heineken. Remember kids, there is no drinking age!

You're not allowed to sip the beer by yourself. You must drink together and the amount you drink is by percentage. For instance, "I'm only going to drink 50%!!!" "No BITCH! DRINK 100% like all of us!!" Etc.


This girl was selling gum. She was so cute, but instead of buying her gum I told her to go to sleep and study hard. Is that cruel? Since she probably can't afford to go to school. Oops.

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