Sunday, August 24, 2008

World Turned Upside Down

Next week I'm going to be doing community service MON-FRI 8am-4pm.

Where at? The Milpitas Jail!

Shoot me.


At the pool I over heard these girls comment about this guy wearing a speedo.
"OH MY GOD! There are children here."
They weren't humored, they were disgusted and offended.
The guy next to them tried to defend the poor man, "It's a cultural thing..." but he ended up being judgmental too in order to avoid hostile remarks.

These girls were obviously closed minded and stupid and probably never left the country... because they would realize that wearing speedos is HOT... (though this particular man was pretty disgusting).

It really disgusted me. Cuz it's one thing to laugh at a speedo, it's another to act unreasonably snooty.

Girls have magical powers over me.

I went out... last minute. Gah, I felt bad because I was asked to take a foreign exchange kid out, but refused because of my shoulder. But I went out anyway because it's better, gotta make that up.

Anyway. I was dancing with Aaron's cousin, it was awkward. I usually don't want to be so aggressive with girls and pull them into my body because I don't want to make anyone uncomfortable. Aaron's cousin goes, "Chris buy me a drink." With out a second guess I headed the bar.


If it was a gay guy I'd be like... HELLL NO... cuz that's demanding and diva like.

She sat on the bench as I tried to convince her to go downstairs bar where it was less crowded. "It's too far, I'm wearing heals." Ugh. "But look at this crowd!" She stood up and pushed her way into the bar using her boobs. Hhaha, I was impressed.

But she wasn't using the right method to get the bartender's attention. You gotta press your boobs in honey and flash the card. After 5 minutes of nothing, I stood next to her and pushed my pecs together and leaned in; may be my gay bar technique will work. 30 seconds.. the bartender goes to me, ignoring her. HAH! My tactics work even at a straight bar.

After a shot of ridiculously over priced lukewarm Grey goose, I grabbed my dance partner and headed to the floor. "We can dance closer now." After ALL I bought her a drink, I'm entitled to touch her hips. (OMG, is this how straight guys think?)

After some body rolls, some people were looking at me. This girl pointed and whispered something to her friend. I made eye contact, she didn't even try to hide. Ugh. Do I garner that much attention even when I dance with a girl, maybe because I make waves like an ocean.

"CHRIS! You dance better than me!" My dance partner stopped dancing soon after that comment and looked for her friends.


At La Vics I made friends with this girl behind me.
"What are you getting?"
"Oh a cheese quesidilla." She was cute... actually sort of hot.
"Oh.. I'll buy it for you, don't worry."
"Aw thanks." Looks like she was used to it.

WTF. Am I becoming straight curious, why am I so willing... NO BOOBS I don't like you, go away.

At the Loft I recognized a girl coming down the stairs. This is how smooth I am: "HOW DO I KNOW YOU!"

OMG, it was the girl from Baghdad cafe that I gave some of my biscuits and gravy to when I was unspeakably drunk in the Castro.

"Our friendship was meant to be! What's your number."

I got a girls number. The heck?

There's something seriously wrong with me.


But then I made it up to myself by flirting with a guy... "oo what's your tattoo say?" "Love Song." Interesting. One of his friends asked jokingly if I was his new boyfriend as we walked down the street with our arms around each other. He kept saying he was drunk.

Cute boy. Lot's of tattoos. I leaned on his shoulder on the way home. We carpooled.

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dannie said...

Dang Chris, what's gotten into you? aw...the last part was cute.