Monday, August 11, 2008

Empowered and Embarassed by Asians

18 Year Old Park Tae-hwan Win's Korea's FIRST Gold in Swimming (400M Freestyle)

I was rooting really hard for this kid. Especially when he got DQed in Athens for an embarrassing false start that sent him "hiding in the bathroom for hours." He had one goal in mind: Win Gold in 2008.

Look at this image. Pure victory. It must feel so good to accomplish something that you have dedicated your life to. There's an image of his parents jumping for joy and crying. This medal was redemption and pride.

I'm going to pretend I'm him for a second winning for Vietnam.. God, it feels good.
Gosh, my arms are so muscular. I'm just a sexy beast of an Asian swimmer yes, I am. Ohhh yeah.


41 year old Xing Almost Loses His Penis Humping a Steel Bench

Damn it, WHY? Look at those holes!!! OMG! HOW?! God, it must feel so bad.

Sexy Singing Asian Boys On Youtube

Paul Dateh

He also plays the Violin

MoAny's Favorite: blinktwice4y

Arnel Pineda was discovered over Youtube and is now the new singer for Journey


It's like a bad news sandwich: I like your dress, you're fired, you're hair looks good too.
You're a hot Asian swimmer that just kicked US and Australian Butt, you caught your penis in a steel bench, YOU CAN SING!!!!


dannie said...

i was rooting for Park too!! and i am happy for him. dang that's fucking scaryyyy ewww i lost my appetite just now.

moAny said...

competitive men are such a turn on. rawr.

Stanza said...

lol @ that chinese dude. What an absolute douche.
I reckon he was thinking it was a new event in the Olympics and that he was going for gold (or steel for that matter) =P