Wednesday, August 13, 2008

What's MY Secret?!?!

I showed a picture of my Ex to Michelle and she said, "WOW Chris, HOW do you manage to date such cute boys?!?! What's your secret!?!" (I know right? how do I, your resident loser, manage to date such attractive guys? I'm SURE you're dying to know too!!!)

Ryan at the Castro 08/08, Eric at Pride 06/08, Chris at Andersen Bakery 12/07

And then she saw this picture, "OHHH!! THIS IS YOUR SECRET!!"

That's right people! Everyone LOVES a 23 year old bum on a bicycle. SEXY!
OH yeah! Check out my PIMP ride that I borrowed from MoAny's sister! Boys can't get their hands off me as I pedal down the block! And of course, I'm all about safety!

Oh and I hang out with people who can sing!

Gimme More.wma - Charles

FYI. Ryan was my first, we dated for 2 months when I was 18 or 19, he gave me my first kiss. Eric was more of a fling/mistake. And of course Chris who defined my college life.

I'm still talking to James. I'd say we dated for 2 weeks before he abandoned ship. And he's quite frank with me saying that he doesn't want to watch movies or go eat (cuz that would be dating)... he just wants to kiss me. Part of me feels objectified, but I guess it's mutual because I like kissing him too (and doing other things.) Though I feel like I've regressed.

..because I'm a gay stereotype.

Mess around in a park? Mess around in a car?

The other night, James and I found an empty business lot and got down to business. Soon after, security caught us and parked right next to his car, but not completely adjacent so that we can shameless escape the situation without any sort of awkward verbal communication. "We have some gay activity here in lot 73," I imagined security saying into their walkie talkie. "What do I do?!?!" James was freaking out, but I'm sure security didn't know what to do either, "just pull up your pants (and do the rockaway) and start the car. Don't make eye contact, they just want us to leave." I sounded like a pro. Well, because I've been caught before with Ryan.

I tried to sneak him into my house, but my parents were downstairs. Though, if it were up to me, I would just introduce him to my parents and then head straight to my room saying we are going to watch a movie. Simple. And then he can walk out shirtless and say hi to my mom, "don't mind me, I'm just getting a glass of water."

I felt ridiculously lame. How old are we? Do we have to be sneaking around? I don't like having to hide, because I'm not ashamed. I don't like messing around in a car because that represents high school. I going to vow not to let myself take any more steps backwards.

I know better. I ride a fucking bicycle damn it! Go Green!

There's a lot of hype with the Olympic Opening Ceremony. Aren't you sad you missed it?
Then why don't you download the reasonable quality torrent you lamer?

And play this game:


dannie said...

aww you're still seeing james!? cuteee...

ctrlz said...

i've totally played that game before. and sometimes.. i play it just to hear the song at the end and hope for it to inspire me to get off my ass and actually do something with my life :P

Tofu said...

those pants are wow