Tuesday, August 5, 2008

JULY Recap- Wow

Instead of weeks passing me by, it seems like months now.
It's been already one year since I started this blog and I feel as though instead of growing up. I've regressed. I find myself hopeless, immature, and unmotivated.

My friends pass GO while I remain in Jail on the Monopoly Board of life. My friend's friend got hired and moved into a new apartment. He described it as getting an instant 1UP on life. Madeline also got a 1UP as I was notified by facebook that she's moving into her new apartment and starting her new engineering job. But at the same time, a fair number of my friends are still job hunting... a hunt that I hate with every inch of my body. Where is that mushroom? I desperately need it.

But until then, I've been having a lot of FUCKING fun in July. More than I should be.

Beginning of July- Out with the Boys.

Santa Cruz, 4th of July, Oakland Bar

July 19- Chicken and Waffles
It tastes exactly like what it sounds like. I also brought pizza flavor chicken strips and Michelle's roommate brought pizza. So we were all sorts of confused. MoAny and I are going to open up a restaurant called, "Crossing Boundaries." And serve deliciously strange things like, Taco Bell's Crunch Wrap and KFC's Famous Bowl! Then we chilled with Dina for a random shindig. Michelle was a hot mess with the help of JOOCE. This shady 9.0% Alcohol energy drink. I have a can sitting in my car =X. Don't worry, it's a closed container.

On the taxi home, I used my Vietnamese to ask Michelle how much to give the taxi driver. It was so useful. If MoAny and I spoke a mutual language (besides English) we would defiantly be having more fun! HAHA!

June 20- Jonjon BBQ
So many people. These guys knew each other from XANGA. The explanation: They started reading each other's xanga's then chatted then became good friends, now travel from Cali to New York to visit each other. WTF!
The picture on the middle is the UGLIEST picture of all of us.

This guy taught me how to find a guy's nipple by placing the side of my hand on his sternum (like a karate chop) then pinch my index and thumb together. Whoalah! A nipple! The guy is so straight, but agreed to go to Dragon with a couple of girls. I joked that Dragon is very tame and next time he should go to a place that's more stereotypical with NO girls, NO friends and only a MAP to find the key out. (In some gogo boy's pants.)

After, Danster showed us a cool place in the hills where we took pictures.

There were this kids dressed in all black hiking behind us. They stopped and started talking to each other. Then they asked us a question, "aye! Do you guys have a lighter." Hmmm... Joe? Ztoe? Danster? MoAny? Me? Lighter? ... "no." They started to yell at each other, "Damn it! I thought you brought it!" "No, I got the stuff." "Great that was pointless!" And they walked down the hill. Hahah... kids

Joe's Photoshop Skillz

Kungfu Panda

July 25-31. Non stop Drinking.
July 25- Koji Sake, Cinebar and The Loft - Pictures and Stories
July 26- 3rd Annual Adobo Festival. Not that much Adobo. Not that much festival either.

Shangrila and the Cellar- Pictures and Stories
July 27- Camping with Miwa (Pictures to come!)
July 28- TGIF at Aileen's Birthday- Pictures and Stories
July 29- Dinner Party at Neil's friends. Good food. :D Very chill. Squirt + Vodka = Yum.
July 30 - Dim Sum and Jail - Sober Day

July 31- Bamboo 7 Karaoke!
What do you say when you do a Sake Bomb? Kampai? Sure OR OR OR: Itchy knee San, Sake sake BOMB!
So.. Bamboo 7 Actually records you and posts it on AOL Karaoke. Here is my shameless solo. I seriously thought I sang better than this.. omg..

HE SOUNDS LIKE BATMAN!!! (The room fell silent)

This is how I ended my July:

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