Sunday, August 3, 2008

Your Son Should Be Home

On Friday my mom told me she's going to make Bun Bo Hue for Saturday morning, my favorite Vietnamese noodle dish that my late grandma used to make perfectly.

It slipped my mind because I went to the city with MoAny for Dragon (again) and crashed somewhere else, only to find out that my mom was sent to the ER after breakfast. Her heart was beating at an abnormal rate and her body fell limp. It was at that point that my mom yelled from the kitchen for my dad to call 9-1-1.

I was on the way to lunch at Santana Row. I hadn't been home and I forgot about the noodle dish my mom had made for me. I got a call from my brother. "Something's wrong with mom." He was very concerned, "she at the hospital, dad told me to stay home, but you should call him." He didn't know what to do. MoAny took me to the hospital. I waited patiently until my mom was ready for me to visit her. She looked exhausted and pale... and a little pained.

I sat next to her and bent over to say hello. The first thing she said to me, "be careful when you go out Christopher, you don't have health insurance." May be my careless partying has sent my mother to the hospital.

My mom believes that it had something to do with some antibiotics she had been taken for her food poisoning a coulple of weeks ago. The doctor laughed at this suggestion, saying that there's no possible way. The doctor was unable to diagnose her with out a "number" or the actual heart rate at the time. She suggested that if it were to happen again, that we slap on a heart rate monitor so that we can come up with some "figures for her to work with."

I couldn't help but want to kick her. Too bad she was there to help.

I left a little after realizing that my mom was recovering. But before I left, I looked at the patients, observed the cold room, smelled the odors of old blankets and bodily fluids. Maybe I don't want to volunteer here. The hospital is not a place of sunshine.

The hospital was 3 miles away from my house. I decided to walk home. There was no bus to drop me off, my dad was staying with my mom until she got out, I don't have to bike to pedal, and I had too much pride to burden my friends further so I just faced in the direction of my house and walked, blocking the sun with my hand so that hyper pigmentation on my face doesn't get darker.

It took me a little over 1 hour before I found a ride. I was only 2 city blocks away. I was quite proud. I am healthy and I don't want to depend on anyone besides myself.

My mom was well aware of how "independent" I am... or want to be.


Today my mom is doing better. During dinner, I ate the bun bo hue that she had made for me instead of going out to eat. A fly had gotten in the house and landed on the mail. My mom got up, grabbed a fly swatter and killed that mother fucker.

My mom is wicked.

My dad told me that his brother had the same problem. One day, his heart started to race. But slowed when he got to the hospital. The doctors said it was an anxiety attack and can be slowed with deep breathing.... and composure.

Even with a layoff and revoked license, I mange to get out and not come home until 4am or crash somewhere without telling my parents. Only for them to worry so much that they have to have some wine to be able to sleep. Yet, unable to keep me home or plead for me to let them know where I'm going because they are scared of suffocating me... and that I would move out because of that. So they stay silent... and say, "remember to think twice before you do anything Christopher." While I roll my eyes as I slam the door and ask them to lock it for me.

Maybe I should stay home- but it's hard to keep me away from the dance floor, void of responsibility... and it's so easy just to respond coldly, "out" when my worried parents ask where their oldest son going late at night.


dannie said...

thats sweet your parents are giving you space. its not that you shouldn't go out..just let them know where you're going and if you're coming home.

moAny said...

You know, every time I am over, I think about how lucky I would be to have your parents. Stay home for mommy more or take her to dragon with us so she won't worry. lol. j.k. she may choke seeing you dance.

Stanza said...

Yeah my dad has exactly the same thing. These 'anxiety attacks' are pretty difficult to diagnose, especially everything seems ok at the hospital. They did blood tests, brain scans, cardio tests you name it, but in the end they couldn’t determine what the cause of it was. All the doctor said was to tell my dad to lay off on the coffee...