Sunday, August 10, 2008


Castro... where everything is GAY!

I was singing this "song" while waiting for the bus.

Friday I went to the Castro to see my Ex, Ryan.
I got really wasted and I talked to whole bunch of strangers.

Have you ever been so drunk that you only remember bits and pieces of the night? Geez. Of course that comes with consquences: losing shit, making a fool of yourself and feeling nauseous the next day. Gah.

We went to The Bar and the DJ was very good. Then we went to Badlands and I made conversation to this Australian flight attendant who said that the gay bars in Australia were "hot." I apologized for our dirty American clubs.

When we left the club, I started to freak out because my phone was missing. Yelling at no one about how I was confused to who would want my crappy ass nokia phone!?! (I had a Samsung) But it was in my lower carpenter pants pocket. Haha, stupid me.

The next morning I found these pictures of me with some strangers. I don't remember a lot of the night. And apparently I drunk dialed some people. Fack. I wish someone was there to record me acting ridiculous and very forward.

I have a random phone number from a guy named "Mike Call Me" with an area code from Missouri.... erm... yeah.

We ended up at Baghdad Cafe and I vaguely remember flirting with the host and making conversation with this girl and giving her a bite of my biscuits and gravy.

Omg.. who are these people?!?!?!

I remember stumbling back into my friend's apartment and bumping into this Chinese Lion Statue, knocking it over from its stand and breaking it's arm. OOPS!

The Castro is an interesting place where everyone/thing is gay... and you don't know if it's a pretty boy or a boyish girl walking down the street. And during the day there are whole bunch of places to each and shop. How fun.


moAny said...

You were yelling at me about how you lost your phone. Oh Chris... The things we don't remember that night. Eeks.

dannie said...

lmao sounded like a gay old time.

thwany said...


nick said...

yay! chuck!