Thursday, August 7, 2008

Crying because u can't be with some u love

Apparently I make the boys in my life cry.

Everyday we wake up and look at ourselves in the mirror and only then can we see an honest reflection of everything that we hate/love about ourselves; about our lives. For a mere second we are stripped and realize the world that we live in maybe not as perfect as we had wished.

The boy that I had, the boy that I have and the boy that want have openly told me that I have made them cry. Because they hurt me, I hurt them or they hurt themselves... and I feel like such an asshole because I can only respond with an arrogant... *shrugs*

I've already done this. I cried over my first boyfriend. I cried until I my eyes were bone dry when I was 19 years old...

And because of him, I never cry over boys no matter how 'hurt' I may feel... I maintain guarded and reserve my energy for dancing because no one gets hurt when you dance... unless you are waving your limbs violently.


moAny said...

Before, you thought that living without your ex would be unbearable and now you realize life goes on even with every boy that passes. Any pain is just temporary and you are mature and strong enough to realize you can pick up the pieces to build something new. Although being that way is great, sometimes I wonder if it makes a person less willing to fight for something if they know they can simply move on to build a new house. Brings me back to the line, “love is war” and I guess I’d fight for anything. Maybe that is why others shed tears? losing a war isn’t easy... or maybe that SYTYCD piece with Katee and Joshua was that persuasive and made me over think this. I mean I did just watch the clip. LOL.

Conclusion: Im bored and over thought that.

dannie said...

love is definitely like a war!!!!

i cried over my first boyfriend too! that was the only time i cried over a boy. you will make a boy happy one day. no worries topho.

dannie said...

oh! i punched my friend in the face one time at dragon LMAO