Sunday, August 10, 2008


Thursday: Sushi Factory "All You Can Eat" Sushi Lunch
I was getting all sorts of testy because people at the bar got their rolls before we did sitting at the table. We ordered 8 Rolls. And got our money's worth.

The strategy: Don't accept the complimentary salad and miso soup. That's just a ploy to fill you up! And... this is dubious: the red paint from these bowls has been chipped away.

I hope I don't get plastic poisoning.

I feel like there's a lot of pressure at buffets to get your money's worth. It sort of becomes more of a game than a dining adventure. And I tend to notice how large people are at buffets... because that's expected.

Friday: Sushi Zono in Campbell to get some Cold Noodles.
Gosh, there was so much left over and I realize I don't chew my food. Yay, stringy poop.
Dipping noodles remind me of my college days with Chris. He would make the dipping sauce from scratch and we would just eat it together in our nasty kitchen between classes. I don't think I've had any dipping noodles as good as his.

Ice and cucumbers in my dish! MoAny go HOT noodles. It was too hot!

Saturday: Nihonmachi Street Fair! okonomiyaki at Izumiya.
So, I was hung over, and okonomiyaki might not have been the best idea. Daym. The room we musty, and my stomach was on FIRE! And the waitress was a bitch. She rolled her eyes and scoffed when we didn't know what to order. I was going to give her a dollar tip, but they included it in the bill. FOILED!

We're being gaysha

Okonomiyaki is Japanese "street food." Even Dina, our resident Japanese person didn't know what it was. It's a delicious pancake that's fan fried with tonkatsu sauce that is really hard to find. I suspect they use bisquik.


I love stepping outside the box when it comes to ethnic foods.
There's more to Japanese food than Sushi. People should try stuff that Japanese people actually eat!


dannie said...

i love okonomiyaki. i used to not be able to pronounce it :]

nick said...

how have you never had my okonomiyaki before???