Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Community Service Day Two: I Never Want to See Orange Again

Orange 7am-3pm.

Apparently the inmates at the San Jose Main Jail wear a lot of orange. My job the entire time was to roll up clean orange underwear, socks, and a t-shirt in an orange towel.

I discovered that they have size 10XL. These shirts were just made wider not longer, it was sort of amusing. The "big boy" underwear was also amusingly huge. There were no mediums or smalls and the larges seemed sparse. I guess only overweight people get convicted in San Jose.

I've decided that when I get home, I'm going to throw away all the orange that I have. God. I folded for 8 hours with minimal breaks while the cop overseeing us talked politics.

I'm so sick of orange. They also fed me an orange as a snack. AHHHH!!! ORANGE FEVER! SOMEONE SAVE ME! NO MORE ORANGE!!!! The vest I was wearing was ORANGE!
God, I felt like I was washing away orange when I showered at home.

Some People Have it Worse
I asked people how many days that had there.
"276... I have 16 left!" This guy was excited. I guess possession of illegal drugs is not taken lightly.

I asked other DUI peeps what their sentence was: 1600 fine, traffic school, 5 days of community service, no lawyer. WTF? Before I decided on a lawyer I did so much research and it was only when I was done with court that I was able to determine that I really didn't need to pay that extra 1600. Sigh. He was a consultant, I keep telling myself... because I was alone.

It's because people are ashamed of their DUI's.... so I really do feel alone, I didn't know ANYONE with a DUI. I'm not ashamed, all you fuckers drive drunk all the time. This was my second time. (But everything happens for a reason.. blah blah).

Everyone knows I got DUI because I don't feel the need to hide a life experience.
Anyway. I'm ready for this experience to be ova.

Thinking Back
While day dreaming I recalled a DUI experience I had my second year at Cal. My friend who was driving us back from gay clubbing in the city was drunk, I was uncomfortable, but my friends in the car said nothing. Apparently, I had agitated the driver resulting him steer the car out of control, "YOU think I'm a Drunk Driver!? THEN I'LL DRIVE LIKE A DRUNK DRIVER."

We hit a street lamp before entering the bay bridge (who know what would have happened), knocking that sucker down. It was in slow motion. I remember getting out of the car after checking if everyone was okay. I was furious. Luckily my friend knew a guy that towed his car and he did not get issued DUI.

Ironically, the other passenger in the car was also the guy that was in my DUI class. He's been saving my seat and we reconnected after these years. I guess life has a way of coming full circle.

Full Circle
This eloquent guy was making conversation with this other guy who was a bartender at Santana Row. "Wait a minute, I think you were there when I got my DUI!"
On top of that I had DUI school today, luckily it was more interesting.
I fell asleep during the POT discussion... I really can't related, but then we went over the Grieving Process
I wonder.
According to my cousin, I'm lettin this DUI/Unemployment experience get me in a rut. Because I dont' have work, I am low energy. Because I have low energy, I'm not motivated to be aggressive in my job search... and it's up to me to break that cycle. She said that it's good that I'm handling everything, but because 'we' (my family) are not trouble makers... I'm taking this whole experience pretty hard.

It makes sense...

After all, I am my own salvation. Yes yes... gotta keep moving forward, I've been saying this for months.

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