Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Mobile Uploads II

In San Diego, the districts are divided by excessively glorious signs like the entrance of "FUTURE LAND" and Disneyland. This is the place where you can be both Mexican and Gay and get your haircut while watching sports... and only sports.

The ladies dressed in some decade clad that is not of the present time stand outside the hip trendy dance club and the word Vietnamese is spelled with TWO e's in the middle. At least the banana's taste the same in Southern California. But... they're more yellow than they're supposed to be.

In San Jose, this kid consumes a Popsicle bigger than his head, Smyr consumes Taro FroYo and exclaims it to be heavenly delicious. The halls of Valco Mall are being renovated. Huan's gimp hand is dirty, creating the illusion that he has a tan. The baby crawls through fountains of downtown San Jose and no one is concerned that he may drown. And that's Steve's reflection in the coffee table.

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dannie said...

u should write a book!