Friday, August 15, 2008

Wonders of South San Jose.

Aaron, Anthony and I went to Cuetopia for some Billiards and beer.

The place was packed, but no music was playing.
The crowd was mixed. A group of Mexican kids, some motorcyclists, overweight truck drivers... people you would think play billiards on a Thursday night were there. It was seriously butch.

For 50cents you can select a song from a modern Jukebox.
Anthony put in "Let's Stay Together " by Eternal with an immediate comments of approval by various strangers. "This is my ring tone!" responded this girl next to us.

As others added TuPac, P Diddy, Sublime... Aaron and I thought it would be funny to "GAY UP" the place. He put in his dollar and selected Mama Mia by ABBA. As the song played people grumbled and stared, "WTF is this?" And the Jukebox froze before Aaron could select the second debauchery of music. We ran back to our table snickering. Aaron checked the Jukebox and put in a final touch: "Gimme More" by Britney.

I couldn't stop laughing as people became annoyed. I watched this heavily tattooed bearded man shoot pool in front of our table while Britney sang. Hilarious.

It was obvious that Aaron and I were the culprits especially when Aaron started to dance.


We checked out Britannia Arms across the street and it was surprisingly popping and the LAVICS that is scheduled to open tomorrow!

Go South San Jose!

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