Saturday, August 30, 2008

Community Service: Last Day

Last day was fun.
By this point I made some friends and conversations were less forced.

I learned that grand theft auto boy actually just borrowed cars in the Cupertino area, because the affluent retards leave the keys in their car at night. He would take them for a joy ride and return them with the gas that he used and in "better condition."

Then he got caught. What a hobby.

We had an interesting conversation about race and such...
This guy was like, I'm black, white and Indian. I'm like.. I HOPE he's not referring to native American, but he was.

Hi I'm Chris, I'm oriental.
Ridiculous. (Am I being arrogant? I dunno, I think ppl should know these things)
I wanted to get a haircut to celebrate my freedom.
I was excited to find a new hair salon in Japantown and walked in.

I talked to the lady and she was pure fob. THE WRONG KIND!


Community Service wasn't terrible, but the whole shenanigan was a successful punishment. It was prolonged and really prevented me from achieving anything I wanted to do with my time, but it's close to being over.

Two Important Dates:
September 16: Last day of DUI school
November 16: My full licenses in returned.

Almost there.

Time to grow up.
I told my mom that by living at home I'm not able to grow up because I don't let myself be responsible because I'm not forced to. She said, "it doesn't matter where you are, if you are a mature person, you will be responsible anywhere you go." But with the luxury of home, it's a bit hard... eh, I'm just making excuses.

But you know, I think I need a wake up call.
I'm planning an escape. On Sept 16 I'm going to fly to Hawaii for a week with the forbidden fruit. *GASP* And then pay homage to Saigon for two months.

By myself!!! With nothing but some cash and one suitcase.
Maybe I will find something there... because I'm not finding it here.

Please wish me luck.

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dannie said...

goodluck chris!! i hope you manage to blog about it. it seems quite intersting and fun.

I do agree with you in how living at how makes you feel less responsible.