Thursday, August 7, 2008


Photo courtesy of JV

That's the type of good fun I like.
This weekend the boyz and I are going to have Pho and check out Happy Hallow, the local petting zoo. There is SO much to do and sitting around doing nothing is LAME.

And right now, I feel lame, because that's all I've been doing. But not anymore! MoAny lent me his sister's bike and now I can get out of the house. I have a new HOT ride!


Hmm.. I suddenly have a craving to buy cool stuff.
Like this key chain that barks when you whistle:
CLEVER! Fetch my keys!
Never search for your keys again!

Or this Alarm Clock to replace my ugly creme box.

Nice practical toys!


moAny said...

Random Junk... Why do you get to buy it and you tell me not to buy junk?

Stanza said...

That clock looks pretty cool. I'm thinking of buying a backwards clock :)