Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Asian American Youth Market Brilliantly Penetrated, Thank You JC Penny

I am empowered and getting chills up and down my arm.
JC Penny recognizes Asian American Youth is as an important niche market at least for back-to-school clothing.

Challenge: Reach Asian American Youth

Brainstorm: Where are Asian American Youth?

Answer: Youtube and Xanga

Wow. So JC Penny contacted the stars of Youtube: Comedians Kevjumba & Natalie and Musicians David Choi and Kina Grannis and had them create videos to promote their JC Penny back-to-school line by integrating a contest into their usually hilarious/awesome videos. And it's brilliant because hundreds of thousands (practically millions) of young youtubers view these clips.

When you visit to vote for your "favorite outfit" that these youtubers are wearing, you are actually taken to A XANGA SITE! Not a professional site, but a VERY popular blog that MANY Asian Americans are attached to.

How does that make me feel? Like an empowered Asian American who is recognized. Hey look at me, I am Asian American and JC Penny takes note that I have value as a consumer and as a worthwhile market to tap.

GOD it feels so good to be a victum of consumerism and advertising!
And you might be thinking.. youtube? xanga? Man... lame.. but check these people out, they are genuinely talented if you ask me. And if mainstream media won't recognize Asian Americans as regular people with something interesting to say/sing, then we will continue to fight for fame and glory via the Internet. (And reality TV aka, Hung Huynh from Top Chef, Kim Vo from Sheer Genius, and.... ......Tila Tequlia... damn it.)

Yay Vietnamese on TV


Kim Vo

So Kim Vo is Britney's personal hair stylist and judge panelist on Sheer Genius. He got so much plastic surgery that he looks completely white. I was a bit ashamed that he was hiding his Vietnamese features.... but if he really was ashamed he would have legally changed his name since... "Kim Vo" is as Vietnamese as you're going to get. Plus a lot of Vietnamese people get work done... so maybe he's actually becoming MORE Vietnamese in that sense!

I wonder what goes on in his head... maybe he convinced Britney to shave it all off!! Sneaky Vietnamese... sneaky.


data said...

I don't know you, just read this entry, but kim vo is actually half white I believe. his parents are probably split up and he took his mom's last name. he was on paris by night awhile back.

dannie said...

yeah! that is so awesome. especially when JCPenny is taking "normal" people considering the fact that they're famous on youtube.

I was thinking about Kim Vo too...wasn't sure if he was fully Asian or what...i guess you answered my question which is quite sad to wonder he looked "mixed"