Sunday, January 23, 2011

8th Annual Ignia Christmas Party

Every year I've gotten together with my high school group for our annual Ignia Christmas party!  2010's Christmas party was no different from our 7th at my house, 6th in Reno and our 5th at Smyr's apartment.

Caitlin hosted 2010!

We had some home made poutine, king egg roll and pasta!

We had a couple of guest stop by to join the 8+ years of friendship. makes gift giving easy!  Diana got me this awesome sweater, gloves with mitten covers and a "real" four loko.

Some how Alysia got a tick in her abdomen that was removed earlier that day.  While trying to "pretend" to punch Alysia, Aaron hit Alysia in the abdomen for real.  That's genuine pain!!

We are growing up pretty fast
But not that fast
And gathering more friends on the way
White elephant highlights -
- Plate set
- Bread Box
- Scarf
- Reboxed lotion (shhhh)
- Frozen Salmon
- The Human Centipede DVD

It was amazing to see who wanted what.  I got the bread box that has been very useful at 321.
After we played games

A little Craninum and creepster dad in the background

Mmmmm Pancake and Sausage breakfast.

Next year we are talking about doing the Christmas party in PAris.  That would be quite pleasant.

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