Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Own It.

Maybe that's the difference between being confient and being arrogant.

To be confident is to OWN IT.  Own, what? Own your limp, your gap, your studder, your education, your job, your family, your swagger, your situation, your body and say.. this is who I am.. I OWN IT.

To be arrogant is to take what you think makes you the best and treat it like it's better than everyone else.  You don't own it.  It owns you. (But it feels so good to think you're that good.)

Oprah knows what I'm taking about.  Her new network, the Oprah Windfrey Network (OWN) expresses what Oprah Owns: Everything.

She is not arrogant, she is confident because she OWNS it.  OWNS ALL OF IT. Even bees.

And this is my life in a blog. I own LETOPHO.  Except for letopho@yahoo.com, some punk has it and it kills me!!!

Anyway, that's me jumping in front of the Charmed House.  I don't own the house, but I like to jump in front of it.


Adrian Paul said...

That is very true. It is very arrogant to just go about everything looking like you own anything, but to truly own it, I think you need to be consistent with looking the part.

ChungkingExpressions said...

Does this mean you're unable for lease? ;]

mich said...

haha. chris. you're a f***ing hipster!