Monday, December 28, 2009

7th Annual Ignia Christmas Party

In 2003, I hosted the first annual Ignian Christmas party with my high school friends. It was epic, it was a sleep over and it's been a tradition for 6 years now.

This year in 2009, the tradition has come full circle and we all met again at my house. Some of us changed, some of us stayed the same, some of us grew mustaches.I can't believed how much has changed (like my living room). But what has stayed the same is this awkward photo with us holding up gifts that we all struggled to get for each other (Secret Santa) and gifts that we were stuck with (white elephant).

The new people (Caitlin's husband and Sandy's Portland friend) and missing people (Janelle and Jon) reflect the drastic changes that have happened in our lives. Because we are so busy and scattered, we rarely talk to each other through out the year... this get together is that much more important to reconnect.


The night was full of games and snacking and getting away from our parents- like in high school.

Oh and Aaron was a drunk mess:

It's stuff like this that reminds me to slow down...and enjoy the wholesome good moments with my friends from home.

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Anonymous said...

<3 seeing annual get together makes me teary eye! i have yet to hold on to an annual tradition so i'm uberly jealous!