Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Family Christmas 2010 - We Are Attention Whores

My dad sent out this email to the family list serv:

Family Christmas tree
As for the gifts, since we've never had a chance to draw names, I suggest that we do this:
Each one of us gets a gift, (best if it's unisex. If not, that's fine too).
Put a number on each gift. And then draw numbers to see who will get what.

To this I responded:
I was sad when the Aunts/Uncles stopped playing the white elephant gift exchange game but I guess pulling numbers for gender neutral gifts is fun too.  (It's like the same thing but without the game part of it.)

My dad confirmed that the white elephant game was on:
OK. Per Christopher's request, let's do white elephant gift exchange. Let's have fun again.
I suggest that whoever that would like to participate gets a gift that's about $20 (or whatever you can afford).

Christmas at my house is routine.  Christmas Eve, the house goes to dinner, goes to church and then open gifts with grandpa on my mom's side.  My mom is an only child so Christmas Eve is calm.  We take tons of family pictures and exchange gifts.  I sucked this year and didn't get my folks anything worth mentioning, but thanks to Tumblr, I got my little bro a pretty awesome Glee-Inspired shirt:

Christmas day dinner is at our house since we have the biggest.  Grandma sits somewhere while we all eat a potluck style dinner.

My marinara sauce was a bust, but I delivered some pretty awesome appetizers.

Grandma on my Dad's side.  She had 8 kids and remembers all their birthdays as well as her grand kids' birthdays.

Adult table and kids table.

Gifts are exchanged and we finally get to play the white elephant game.  I got a steamer!  And my cousin Michele LOVVVED my box of cleaning supplies! LOL My auntie got gypped because she got a $10 bill when the gifts were supposed to be of $20 value.  But it's okay, that Uncle just got in a divorce and lost his house... :[

Cousin Picture
My dad was really excited for this "Theme from a Hat" game.  He mixed up the title from Whose Line is it Anyway, but the point was you had to act out characters based on the hat that you are given.  Essentially, it was our opportunity to reinforce stereotypes.

I love being a part of a family of attention whores.  Everyone took the stage!!


mich said...

can you guys adopt me?

Gauss Jordan said...

You have a family list serv? I can barely get my parents to check their email!