Saturday, January 29, 2011

In Search of Swag

Last time I was in West Hollywood I made a skeptical of my real and online self by shamelessly complaining about the place that my friends choose to haunt for party life.  Drunk sarcastic WeHo hate tweets.

I think this is the night I lost followers and when people blocked me from their Facebook feed.  #DeservedIt

There has to be somewhere in LA where I love the music, fit in with the people and feel comfortable enough to let loose.  (So far.. Cherry Pop and MJs come very close).

My problem was I am looking in WEST Hollywood... WeHo is too "west" for any ghetto community.

As I ventured East of West Hollywood, I was hopping to find the bay area swag that I have been looking for.  The only hip hop West Hollywood offered was on the obscure weekday of Wednesday.

Wednesday is when you cook dinner for yourself, watch TV and cruise Grindr.  Not when you put on your LID, jeans and take patron shots to get crunk.


Circus Disco
 Circus Disco is this huge warehouse on Santa Monica EAST of La Brea. There yah go.  On Friday is Club Machoman; if you are straight you go to the adjacent club: Circus Arena Cafe; Circus DISCO for the alternative.  And with this text I got all my friends in free:
This text message came straight out of someone's Myspace wall... obnoxious, all in CAPS, ridiculous shorthand writing.  It was ghetto, it was PERFECT.  This MUST be the party scene I was looking for, the opposite of WeHo... no more house remixes.  The line to get in was long and everyone got a nice frisking from TSA before getting in. Good thing I left my switch blade in the car.

Three dance floors:

Pop mixed with Latin hits, Salsa room and Hip Hop which was upstairs.

Anywhere I go, hip hop is upstairs - Rage, Dragon, Mickeys and now Circus.  It's as if you have to elevated to be able to play hip hop music.

After doing some gay partnered salsa in the side room that was set up like a quinceaƱera (I felt like I was celebrating the ripening of a Latino girl's eggs), I realized that I had entered a community that I was more out of place with than WeHo, even when I was in the elevated room with stripper poles.   We were among LA's homothugs and more than likely east side downe low community.

...and there was actually too much swag for me to handle... and folks were still as unapproachable as they are West of La Brea.  Put one of these folks at Rage/Dragon and they would feel the same.

While I felt alien, Jimmy felt like he was reliving a piece of his early gay days.

It just donned on me.  That what I was looking for in the LA gay scene is somewhere I felt comfortable. It's not that music or people are better in the bay - People in the bay are approachable because I am comfortable to approach them.  The music is better in the bay because that what was playing on my radio when I lived there for 24 years.

So this ends my search. When I wonder why my friends go to WeHo so much, the answer is the same:  it's a community that they identify with and it will take me more than just a year of living in LA to accept it as mine. (Though everything else about LA I've acclimated with in the short period of time.)

Instead of starting over at Circus, I should work on being comfortable in WeHo as that's where all my friends love to be.

 Must accept it for what it is... Yay .. House-a-fied Willow Smith....

God, this remix is offensively terrible.

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