Monday, January 24, 2011

Finally Closing December

I had a entire week off from work and I was mad at myself for not really planning a trip far far away.  But it was nice to catch up on sleep I suppose.

Took sexy Norris, Katrina and Carlo to my favorite Thai place - Thai Patio.  The effects you are seeing are due to a dirty lens.   What I will always remember about Norris is how he knows how to speak so many languages... jizzzzzzzzzz.

@Libertine with the old team
 God, I miss hanging out with these people

White Elephant with the current team
 God, I participated in so many white elephants.

Heheh, this vat of Vaseline looks familiar.  Hmmm was it from the 321 holiday party?  Oops.

In my neighborhood is also Carroll Ave.  This is where I found the Charmed House.

I'm trying to go through my photos to see if I missed anything else in December, but that seems to be all.  I think this photo is hilarious.  It's as if I can picture "hope" in the clouds and I'm walking towards it.  Diana got me those mitten gloves from the Ignia Christmas party.


Shit, January 24?!?!?  fack.

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