Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Vision Insurance

Like Auto Insurrance, you have to do the research.

My optomitrist told me my benefits before starting the exam because this morning one of his patients accused him of cheating her.  He explained, "Its not us, its you're insurance, black and white... we are just following instructions"

He did the math for me - $140 out of pocket which includes exam, contact lens fitting and 1 year supply.  Something was fishy and I told him that I would like to reschedule.

"Sure!  Do your research!  But I know you love those glasses we got you last year!"  He pats me on the back like a creepy uncle.

At my cube I called my mom to compare my family plan, called my insurance and found my contacts online.

Spent about 2 hours on this and discovered that my LA (Beverly Hills) optometrist was in fact cheating me.  For the same services and contacts, my optometrist at home would charge me only $25 (the co-payment) as it should be!!

God, I wonder how much money I would have saved on my glasses last year.

When you do your vision insurance look for a few things:
  • From your Doctor: Contact lens fitting fees lowered with a co payment ($100 in LA, $30 from the bay)
  • From your insurance: Reimbursement from vendors out of your network (I found contacts for $60 cheaper online which will be covered by my insurance, the "fitting" is covered too!)

Now you know.


thwany said...

thanks, dad!

mich said...

that doesn't sound that bad to me. $140 for a full year's supply of contacts sounds kinda decent... but my vision plan isn't great.

Adrian Paul said...

I hate vision insurance! it sucks that most Optometrists don't accept Health Insurance... or do but you have to pay a lot up front. The best Vision insurance is VSP or EyeMed! I need to get glasses but I don't have Vision insurance. =[

I gave your blog an award! =]