Monday, January 24, 2011


He told me he likes my cheeks.
I told him I like his nose.

We baby talk and it's wonderfully disgusting.  Everything we say to each other starts with W's like -

"Wow was war way Boo boo?"  God, its adorably revolting. 

I told him that I knew that I like him because I let his feet touch my body.  I think feet are disgusting... unless it belongs to someone I'm dating.  If it's someone I'm just sleeping with, when their feet touch my calves I jolt away.... it's gross. 

When I see him, I put my arms around his shoulders then lift one leg at a time onto his hips until he is forced to carry me.  "KOALA!" I scream.

When ever I kiss him, he makes this face that I can recognize immediately.

I don't have to do much to get to know him because well... he's a friend.  A friend that I've always had a crush on.  I like staring into his eyes until he gets embarrassed and looks away or leans forward for a kiss.

When we were cuddling the other night he turned to me in mid-sleep and said, "i love you" and started to snore.  I told him in the morning and he was embarrassed.  "You must have been 'WTF'" he proclaimed. 

I responded, "actually I held you tighter... and said it back."  But then I realized that I could have dreamt the entire thing. I just became the first person to consciously say/admit to the "l" word.  "I really like you" was sufficient.  Great... I was hopping to say it on more of an occasion.

He's helped me keep my New Years resolution of cooking more by essentially cooking for me and as I'm writing this all out I'm beginning how typically fast this is going. 

I am more excited than anything to change my facebook relationship status for the first time ever....  I WANT A FUCKING HEART TO SHOW UP NEXT TO MY NAME ON YOUR FACEBOOK FEED!

Ern said to me, "you guys went straight to domestic." I'm a U-Haul Lesbian apparently.

I guess, when everything just feels right, you just go at gay-warp speed and hope everything works out.  Cuz feeling "right" is hard to come by.  So frustrated with the dating pool and frustrated with ourselves that we become...
  • Serial Daters
  • Mega Sluts
  • Introverted
 ...and when something that "feels right" comes along you hold onto it as tight as possible like a Koala on Eucalyptus.  

But I didn't initially feel this way especially since I've been a proponent of "free love."  AKA  Dating/Whoring around for the sake of gaining different experience from different people.

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Alex C. said...

Aw I am so happy for you Chris!