Wednesday, December 24, 2008


High school friends, 6th Annual Christmas Party and RENO!!!!

Cheers from our SUITE SAUNA!

What a brilliant idea! Every year someone different hosts it and this year Aaron HELLA hooked it up. His mom- VIP and well known at Reno casinos got us a suite, bottle service and a buffet breakfast!

Yeah... I felt like paparazzi taking this picture outside of In&Out in the middle of now where.

When we got there, we found Alysia dead on the couch. She threw up ALL day, but she didn't let that ruin the adventure! She came to SKI!

Awww, Secret Santa: Smyr got me this wonderful book about a materialistic giraffe for me to read to my KIDS one day! And Diana made me that green Giraffe ShirT!


We sent out an editable wish list and the everyone was happy! LOL! The white elephant was themed: "Things to do now." One of them was a face mask! So Diana and Sandy became geisha. "FETCH ME MY HOT COCO!"


OFF to the slopes in Boreal! It was perfect! Not crowded, sunny! I am officially a skiier.

While Alysia carved the mountain, Caitlin and I ate the snow. And one of my wipe outs was described as glorious! White cloud, limbs every where and my skis/poles yards away from my smashed body! Man, I dont' know how to control my speed so I seriously SHOT down the mountain like a bullet thinking to myself... "come on.. you can make it!" Psyching myself up because you "can't fall" if you lean forward, you just run into things.

Alysia SOMEHOW managed to get stuck on the ski lift and ended up going back down on the mountain because it was too late for her to get off.. WHO DOES THAT?! Actually, I left my phone on the ski lift... so I'm not any better. LOL! I'm so lucky someone turned it in!

Damaged and Tired!

It's funny, people treat snowboarding and skiing like ANYONE can do it.. I beg to differ, it requires skill.


We prepartied playing "Fuck the Dealer!" Caitlin was best at teaching this game! If you draw a King you also make a rule. Two rules that stuck out: 1. you have to nuzzle the person to your right every time you drink. 2. You have to compliment someone in the room every time you drink.

HAHA, my friends DEFINE wholesome!

RENO is a strange place. A lot of weird people, but cha know what?! We partied anyway! BOTTLE/TABLE SERVICE! Lots of Cougars! Watch out! And Caitlin managed to look hot as usual on the dance floor despite her ski injury!

That night.. Aaron passed out and Smyr and I wanted to put him in the hallway or make him sleep in the sauna... but instead I just swapped his socks with something more glittery. Aw, we are too nice to each other.

Caitlin's PJ pants went missing. They were her favorite so she filed a report. They made her write and essay and take a mug shot. Geez.

Diana pulled the stops and put on chains... it was so stressful!
I gained some Man-points when I managed to undo the chains laying on my back! GRUNT!

At one point the traffic was at a dead stop, so we danced on the highway! I was about to pull out some saucers to slide along the highway, but then traffic started again! I couldn't close the door to the minivan because it was automatic. So we rolled down the highway with the sliding door open until I pushed hard enough. The other car yelled at us saying that door was open... as IF we didn't notice!
Aaron's parents are wonderful. His mom introduced us as her "other children!" I love having multiple parents!

I've noticed that a lot of people get a little depressed during the holidays. Lonely... sad... cold... mainly because they lack a significant other. I really do wish I had that ONE person that I can pour my heart out to and find the perfect gift for, to watch their eyes light up when they unwrap it and hold them tight to keep them warm-- take pictures etc. But... there are a lot of things that I already have: good friends and family. And I'm happy to be alive... and colorful.

Merry Christmas Everyone.

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