Friday, January 21, 2011

Holidays in the Bay - Misc.

This is my dog MiLou he is the stinkiest dog in the world.  He's also a coward.

My family at Orenchi Ramen.  My parents told me that they love when I visit because I take them to really cool places to eat... in San Jose... because they are not capable of discovering their own neighborhood outside of Cheesecake factory.

Had a coffee date with Sean Paul.  He gave me a snickerdoodle mix and recipe!  What a great idea!

Saw these divas.  Had dim sum then I kicked their asses at Scrabble.  It was the first time I had to share a table at Dim Sum.  It was okay because there were two other groups and the lazy susan stayed stationary.   Joe told me about one time where they had to share a table for Dim Sum with an entire family.  It was him and Eric and and a family that adopted them.  Amazingly awkward.

Got to visit Szeto's new place in Oakland!! The street he lived on reminded me of New York...especially the part with all the cars broken into.  And he got me that fancy pants watch!  :D

Also Saw Huan.  He moved down the street from my folks' place.  I helped him make peppermint bark.  Gosh, I had such the munchies that night (dot dot dot).


thwany said...

your voice is too sexy

Adrian Paul said...

i'm jealous! it looks so yummy! I need to visit cali ASAP!