Monday, January 3, 2011

More Photobombs and Creepsters on Bunker Hill

Aside from all those crafts things we took Anthony, who was visiting from San Diego, to various photobombing/creepster adventures.

A little Thai Patio, a little WeHo, a little Evan Low.

Friday - Explored a lot of downtown.  Every club we went to had increased cover.  $5, $10 then $15.  Ended up at Yard House for some drinks.

Saturday - Cherry Pop had an open bar so we drank away the night and finished it off with some Hodori which will probably be featured in the Asian American Jersey Shore Reality show: K-Town.

Discovering Bunker Hill

 Discovered the California Plaza in downtown where they have random free shows!  Added to the bucket list!  They had a South Korea break dance competition here!  Hidden LA, you are too hard to keep up with!

We rode Angels Flight for 25 cents! "The World's Shortest Railway!"   Look at that creepster. 

Oh look the 500 Days of Summer bench.. wooop dee dooo.

I'm more interested in these creepster photobombers.


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thwany said...

it looks like it was just the 3 of you guys, so did a stranger take your jumping pics for you?