Monday, January 10, 2011

Hate within the Gay Community

Luan makes some very valid points about hate from masculine gays on effeminate gays.  Hate within a community trying to fight for the same rights only makes us weaker.

I found myself no better than masculine gays who puts down effeminate gays for making us gay people "look bad."  But as Luan puts it, people hate gay people because they are GAY.  If gays were all masculine, there would still be homophobia.

I don't consider myself effeminate, but I'm definitely not masculine.  I'm in the weird in between space of just Asian.  Most of my friends aren't ridiculously fabulous, nor are they bruised up from playing sports or yelling at the sports channel.  I like the in between space and blending American defined effeminate and masculine attributes comfortably.  And if I hate on effeminate guys, I feel like it's a sub conscious move to make myself feel like more of a man.  "Breaking stereotypes."  I'll blame American society for this.

I appreciate Luan for making this video.  Could we say the same thing about black folks who are frustrated with ghetto black people because they are making the community "look bad?"  Someone who is racist will hate on black people because they are black, regardless of if they are ghetto or not. 

Though a little obnoxious, Luan has some other interesting videos that are entertaining, but they may be exhausting to watch:


Gauss Jordan said...

Heh. I make a point of stepping away from tradition gender roles on occasion, if I feel like it. :-)

This sort of reminds me of the 7th grade, when someone tapped me on the shoulder and asked, "Hey G, home you don't talk Black?" [sic].


ChungkingExpressions said...

You can also relate the fact that gay men and lesbians aren't such good friends. I think the concept of butch lesbians threaten our sense of masculinity. And I think it's less about hate and more about how much gay men think so highly about themselves and less on others.

Anonymous said...

^ actually a ton of lesbians are friends with gay men. especially lipstick lesbians though

the immigayrant said...


Watched this video some time ago, and the femme in me was unleashed. Hahahaha!

I'm definitely not butch, and I guess I'm not femme either. Although my campness tend to go bolder when writing my gay blog.

thwany said...

we are who we are. labels are dumb.