Sunday, January 9, 2011

Black Swan Christmas Tree

Just as I'm about to blog about the before and after of our Black Swan Christmas tree, we are already talking about getting rid of it.  But how does one get rid of a Christmas tree in LA?  Maybe we can just leave it in front of Father's Office or something.

Before and After!  Dollar store ornaments, homemade links, LED Christmas lights and Black Swan Eyes.

Lots of bonding with this tree.  Jimmy has never made these Christmas chain/link things before! His school was so poor that they made their 4th graders walk 3 miles to a museum because they couldn't afford a bus.  How deprived, but then I realized that I never made these links either, just pretended that I did based on TV/Movies.

Roommate Photoshoot

This is Jimmy:

Jimmy: Pimp with a cane, Pimp with a coat and Pimp in a red cocoon.

Ernesto is always teaching me Top Model poses.

Creepster by the tree and *GASP* I'm illiterate!

Bien dropped by some additional ornaments from Anthropologie after seeing our homemade Robots.

One for each roomie


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