Tuesday, December 25, 2007

5th Annual Ignia Christmas Party

Welcome to the 5th Annual Ignia Christmas Party where we define wholesome good fun. Don't forget your tacky sweater! and your gay guest!! It's funny because others were overheard having their own tacky sweater christmas party.

At Macy's, "It's not tacky enough! It needs to be uglier!"
At church, "Are you going to Justin's tacky sweater thing?"
At Goodwill, "guys, they don't have any tacky sweaters!"

It seems like people know a good theme when they hear one!

The Welcoming:

Some thought it was a bad idea. Others knew better: Tacky Sweater Goodness!

But of course fashion stylist Monyrith looks good in his "tacky wear" especially next to me.

Food! Mmm! Who uses a laddle to scoop rice?! WHO!?

Caitlin's here! More Tacky Sweaters!!!!

White Elephant Game! AKA exchange junk for a good laugh! Where is that bean stalk!?

Gift Wrap Game!
This year, I organized a gift wrapping game where you can only use one hand! I found it to be scary because the teams attacked eachothers' presents with scissors. Never again.

Fastest, best taped, and four way ribbon!

Secret Santa!
It's tradition that Aaron doesn't get a gift. Diana is already making use of hers! And Smyr loves stickers.

Time for a Toast!

I got temporary tatoos as my white elephant! What a Great idea!!
Wow! Looks it hurts as much as getting a real one! And Smyr's tatoo was licked on. I decided that he didn't want those pictures posted.

When Mony Drinks... he get's a little straight... ew.

Twister Time!

Sleep Time!

Poor Sandy was too sick to attend! So I visited her to give her gifts! Yay books on cooking and life experiences!

This year I decided to make Ignia a memory book. I dedicated a page to the person and then the year that we spent together. It was a hefty project, but I am pretty happy with the outcome. They seemed to love it. Seven years of friendship. I am the historian!



Tofu said...

heheh i dig the tacky sweaters, esp. the one with the sun and aaron's grandma-looking sweater! except mony's was not tacky at all boo lol

mich said...

haha i know, he could do a better job at looking more trashy

Katie said...

you do realize that by posting those memory book pages you've posted all of your friends' contact info and what-not to the Internet world...

they look cool though! :)