Sunday, January 2, 2011


December 6: Bouldering at Threshold

Apparently there is a thing called bouldering in which you are rock climbing without any harness.  This is fine because the height that you climb is not high enough to kill you if you fall.. supposedly.

But when I was reaching the top, I was pretty scare as fuck of falling.  It felt like I was going two stories up and if I lost grip I would fall and break my neck.  God, this looked so easy on tv, but my upper body strength wasn't as good as I had thought.  You're supposed to pull your whole body weight over the edge, then walk down the stairs and do it again.

Every pull was difficult and I got nervous that I would make the wrong move.  The pad that I would fall on was nothing more than an old mattress found on the street.  Enough to absorb my fall?  Not if I fell head first.

It was embarrassing when these 12 year olds would come up to me and tell me that the route I chose to climb was too easy.  Easy for who?  I felt like I was scaling a monument with grips unnatural to my grasp.

Thank goodness for chalk, my palms were getting sweaty.  Sore muscle: forearms.

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Adrian Paul said...

Dang! That sucks! I would don't think that i could even climb those things! At least you had fun!