Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Mary's Cherry Pop

Don't worry Bien, you are not late to the party!

We created a facebook to secure a date, but then panicked when one of our friends sent out an invite.  OH HELL NO!  "I told you we needed to reserve it!" proclaimed Ern.  Even though we had made the event on FB, we didnt sent out invites.

Quick - Event Picture and clever name and send send send!

Black Swan tree, home made snacks and apparently only a couple of our friends know how to wrap gifts

Mary's Cherry Pop topped last year's 321 Christmas party.  More food, more people MORE PRESENTS!


But first some egg nog.
"I'm starting to feel it Ern, how much rum did you put in there?"
"There's no rum Sam, you have to add it yourself."

Old roommate Kevin
New roommate Jimmy.. 1, 2, 3....

There were so many folks this year that we had to move the gift exchange into the Ern's attic space.

Alysia made out big with a vat of petroleum jelly and umbrella which I stole and regift for my work's gift exchange.  Work didn't find petroleum as funny as a group of gay guys.

Our white elephant had a twist:  Bring TWO gifts that add up to a $25 value.  So we can have TWO rounds of gift unwrapping.  You could end up with two awesome gifts or a pack of gum and notebook.  I had my eye on the Roscoes gift certificate, but it was stolen.

Gift Highlights
-Charlie Brown Christmas Tree
-2 H&M Gift Cards
-Coffee/Tea Sets
-Tons of Porn

Everyone seems to be happy with their gifts especially the two on the left.

The only thing left to do is... another Christmas Photoshoot!!!  But this time Bien directed us.

Yes, there was a shake weight.. but luckily only one.  Last year there were 3 SNUGGIES!!!

In case you missed it....

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