Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Eating Out March

Most of my food adventures are documented on Yelp!  Though I'm elite, I haven't been to their notorious events.  That's also on the to-do list this year!

For now, here's a collection of things I've been eating in March.

Umani Ramen - Umemura Restaurant
Creme Brulee Cheesecake - Nakkara
Oven Roasted Bone Marrow - Bacaro LA
Fries and Meat - Some food truck at Grand Park
The Bacaro Burger - Bacaro LA
Macarons - Bottega Louie
Middle Eastern Dish - Hayat's Kitchen
Half Fried Dumplings - Shanghai No 1 Seafood Village
Loco Moco Hotdog - Hawaiian Food Truck
Cheese Hotdog Thing - Random Korean Place
Wings - Pann's Restaurant 
Chinese Family Style  - Jade Wok
Hawaiian Nachos - The place closed down!!
Apple Dumpling Hook's Cheddar - The Hart and the Hunter
Smoked Trout, Avocado Toast - The Hart and the Hunter

I'm surprised I was able to remember where I devoured these dishes, but I guess it's because they've all made an impression.  If only meeting new people was this easy.

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