Sunday, June 2, 2013

Asians Love Karaoke

My coworker who is white made an observation, "Asians love karaoke."  Yes... yes we do.  What is it about being trapped in a room for a couple of hours singing poorly, at some points screaming to pop songs that's so addicting?  I guess it's an opportunity to perform and act silly and not have to worry about neighbors complaining.

And these two were the stars of the evening.  Kevyn doing a near perfect Nikki Minaj rap and Charles doing an enthusiastic Japanese pop song with choreo.   It was obvious - these two practiced.  But I guess that's what you do when you're stuck in LA traffic for hours.  If I can't be a good singer, I can work on my performance - need to work on connecting with the audience when I sing Enrique Iglesias.

Our karaoke place of choice:  Max Studio in Little Tokyo.  Sneak in alcohol and they will charge you a dollar a head and look away.  Just don't destroy their equipment.  Remember to put in all-sing songs and follow this rule:  you are only allowed one "nobody knows this song" song.  Don't waste precious karaoke time with obscurities!!  And make sure those shy ones sing too - they are paying for the room too after all.

We are all stars.

Afterwards we celebrate musical success with shared McDonald's fish mcbites on the trunk of someone's car.  Mmmmmmmmm/

Empty road realness.


A couple of shots from March's Karaoke event.

I detest Wicked songs, but Sean killed it.  He surprised me with his love for musicals.

I've realized that the same Road Trip Songs also make good Karaoke Songs:

Our group manages to sing the following every time:

- Seasons of Love - Rent
- Back Here - BB Mak
- More than Words
- Defying Gravity - Wicked
- A Whole New World - Aladin
- Summer Nights - Grease
- Don't Stop Believing - Journey
- Neyo - Because of You

Artists to remember
- Bon Jovi
- Nsync
- Aaliyah
- KC and JoJo
- John Legend

And if your neighbors don't mind.  Youtube Karaoke is always fun too!

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mike said...

asian invasion!!! LOL <3 karaoke