Saturday, June 1, 2013

The Gift of Inspiration

When Jimmy handed me my present, I fell to the floor.  He printed out my blog. This has been on my list of things to do, but I put it aside because of how much time it would take.  The print out goes from June 2009 to June 2010.  It took him hours to transfer to Word and print out at Office Depot.  Only one year and it's as thick as a college reader.  I wrote so much back then.  Jimmy said, "you always said you wish you had a hobby... you do, it's your blog."

Somehow he read my mind.  What an amazing boyfriend.

I stopped blogging because I felt like my thoughts and activities weren't worth sharing especially when I compared myself to others; blogs that are featured on other sites, blogs with a huge following.  I was discouraged and intimidated by better writing, prettier pictures and crazier adventures.

But that's not the point right?  I'm getting older, but I need to continue to do what makes me happy: document my life so that I can remember what I've experienced.  And it feels so much more rewarding to create rather than consume and scroll and like and share something that you didn't even make.

Thank you Jimmy for giving me the gift of inspiration.  I love you to pieces.


Jimmy also took me to Baco Mercat in downtown LA which is on multiple must eat lists!  The bill was a percentage of our rent, but Jimmy wanted to make sure that he one-uped my job and treated me out to some amazing class!  It was spectacular - complete with a forthy cocktail, hamachi crudo, waffle rilletes, original baco sandwich, “caesar” brussels sprouts.

We finished the evening with more downtown loving at Syrup for my favorite Apple Pie Waffle.  I finally had the chance to take Jimmy here.  We enjoyed city living in the new converted parking spot turned parklet.  In love.

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