Sunday, June 2, 2013

May Birthdays - Attention Whores

I celebrated a lot during May.  Particularly the birth of many of my friends.  Though this won't compare to October where it feels like everyone was born, but May came close.

Planning ahead is the key and I was texting all the Gemini's so that we had our designated days and themes.

Kevyn's Surprise Birthday House Warming

I met a friend of Kevyn's.  She was excited to meet me to help her plan his birthday party, but she was 19 and had no idea what she was doing.  She wanted to celebrate at Bubba Gumps because they sang to you and she wanted to get him a Panda cake because.. that what she calls him.  And... she wanted to get him flowers because... she likes flowers?  But he's allergic. What to do?  Good thing his roommate interviened on facebook:

He will love wherever we go, BUT I know seafood is not his favorite. Maybe we should decorate and get popeyes for 2 pc Tuesdays...?! Haha Also, Kevyn is dying to have people over to our new place so that is an option. I'm off all day today and tomorrow please let me know if I can be of any assistance.

Crisis averted.   He came to his home and we screamed SURPRISE and he ran away.  His favorite was out on the table: fried chicken and friends from different parts of his life were there.  Perfect.  We all squeezed in and participated in his pointing instagram pictures.

My Birthday on the Rooftop

What I liked about the birthday bonanza is that everyone planned something different.  My rooftop party was celebrated on a casual Thursday.  I asked folks to dress in black and white for a classy affair with overpriced drinks and amazing views.  This is to make up for my ridiculous Superhero party last year.  I was thrilled that my coworkers came from the west side to see DTLA in all it's glory.

James' Vino 'Stache Bash

James took class a bit further and rented out half of a Wine Bar for his mustache themed event.  I wrote about it before. Oh you fancy.  Jimmy and I were able to reuse our bay to breaker outfits.  James is already thinking about next year.  


David took classy twenty steps back and got table service at the Abbey the following day.  Two bottles of Grey Goose and one bottle of Absolut rang up to $1,900.  David almost jumped out the window when he got the bill.  He basically bought everyone 2.5 drinks and didn't ask anyone to chip in.  Messy messy night.  Everyone was trashed, but that was the goal.  We had fun with the go-go boys it was like watching beefy hairless monkey's swing upside on poles.  Though what they were swinging on looked like gas pipes and I was waiting for one of the pipes to break causing a huge stampede.  A gay, synchronized stampede that would be perfect for a high end fashion commercial.

I handed David water and watched him knock it out of my hand and onto people.  He also lost his cap that night and bought another.  He found it later in his laundry.

Double Your Pleasure, Double Your Fun

Because I'm such an attention whore, I planned a second birthday party that was sort of a combined Gemini event.  6 Gemini's came out along with a lot of folks from our circle.  It was a fun overcast beach day at Will Rogers - the gay beach one mile north of Santa Monica.

Cindy pictures here.


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