Saturday, June 1, 2013

Eating Out May

Jitlada - Giant Prawns.  Really overpriced Thai place riding it's Jonathan Gold review
Blossom Vietnamese Restaurant - Great duck egg noodle dish
Marugame-Monzo - Udon Gratin - Creamy to perfection
India Sweets and Spices - A bunch of things
Gigi's Bakery - Best Cuban tamale ever
Pingtung Eat-In Market - Creative gyoza
Homemade - Vietnamese Corn drizzle
India Sweets and Spices - Samosa Chana - Tikki masala - basically everything
Marugame-Monzo - Braised Pork Belly
Borneo, Kalimantan Cuisine - Laksa!  Probably the best I've had outside of Singapore
Borneo, Kalimantan Cuisine - Nasi Campur - simple and amazing rice dish
Morning Nights - Quiche
Homemade - Gumbo!
Chego - Chubby Pork Belly

A little redundant since I post these pictures on my instagram.  But I like the collages.

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