Saturday, June 1, 2013

Entering my Late 20's

I share my birthday with a lot of folks - an old roommate, college friend, coworker.  I guess May 30 is just the day to be born.

One of the reasons I think everyone should have a favorite animal is because it makes it extremely easy to shop for (unless you like red pandas - random)!  My office manager loves me for helping her clean left over food (which I actually just pack and bring home.)  She got me a collection of cards and notebooks that she bought from Michaels a month ago!

Birthday lunch!
Birthday twins!

When I came home, I was greeted with a birthday feast!  A potluck which included El Savadorian Papusas, Thai Papaya Salad, Filipino Sausages and Italian Alfredo Pasta.  Just how I like it - fusion of cultures in my belly with my roomies

Pinterest Strawberry Jello shots by Charles
Gift from John and Andrew!  So cute!

This year I traded in the crazy dinner bill and force fed birthday cake for a rooftop bar party that exclusively sold just cocktails.  From trashy to classy, I am entering my late 20s.  For the first time I invited all of my coworkers and all of my gaysian friends for a mixed crowd event.  Though the rooftop was big enough that folks didn't mix, I was happy that people drove miles to celebrate on a Thursday.

Jimmy was my personal photographer so all my pictures of people are on his camera.  For now, here is a collage of instagram pictures that people took from the roof at Perch on the 16th floor where my party was held. #hashtagsharing

My manager who was there said, "see you on Monday!"  I took that as an approval to work from home the next day.  City living.  LA Loving.  Onto my late 20s!!!!

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