Sunday, June 9, 2013

The Lure of Making Out at Night Clubs

With a few drinks in your veins, you become uninhibited.

My friends say that your true self emerges when you're intoxicated. The self control that allows you to properly behave in society vaporizes as if alcohol erases rules and logic written on a white board.  Making good life choices is difficult, but having fun is not especially since there's nothing to hold you back.

Maybe this explains why sexual energy is heightened when you're drunk.  Because we are all social and sexual beings that need the attention, affirmation and physical connection.  And maybe this explains why it feels so good to make out with someone at a club - at least for me.

I just met you, and this is crazy, but I am wasted and I want you baby.

It doesn't matter who's around us
The music, the energy, the alcohol.  Grinding and moving to a rhythm.  Stealing touches and looks.  Night time lighting and bedroom eyes.  Making out while dancing is like having sex in public.

You feel like you've satisfied a primordial need that has been programed into our DNA since existence.  You feel attractive.  Confident.  Flattered.  Especially since it was so easy and casual... with a mutually shared glass of Jameson on the rocks.

We gays compartmentalize ourselves so that we hang out with the people that we find attractive.  In doing so it is almost guaranteed that someone there who you find attractive is drunk enough to make out with your ugly face.

Simply put there are no bear clubs for straight people to attend and get unregretfully slutty.  I digress...

I remember taking pictures of my friends going at it in the middle of the club because I found it hilarious.  But thinking about it now, I've realized that we shouldn't ridicule or tease our friends too harshly when they are caught in the act... after all they are getting the action and we are just jealous observers.

Making out at the club is fun.  The energy surrounds you and you feel like a mild exhibitionist.  Any ounce of feeling unattractive, undesirable, unwanted goes away instantly. It's good for your soul.  If you feel like you're being judged just pull your partner to one of many dark corners and affirm your attraction and fulfill your animalistic desires in private.  But I don't mind...

"Get a room?" We have a room - it's call the dance floor you sober fuck.

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