Wednesday, June 5, 2013

March Recp

March was a long time ago, but of course we shouldn't forget about those adventures.  Angel's Knoll is definitely a part of the Hidden LA experience. Look at this view and no body around to ruin it.  Probably because everyone was at Father's Office, The Grove or Pink's Hotdog.

This is my absolute favorite picture of me and Jimmy.  I should have saved it for another entry about how wonderful he is, but I think you get the idea.  What a cutie.

Btw, this is a gay blog.  So here we are being fabulous.


House Party - Opening Ceremony

In reverse order!

Our favorite Taco Truck at 3AM - People wouldn't go home

People enjoying the pictures from past Christmas parties - I'm all about creating that community

A picture of my attic bedroom with people in it

Sam, Erik and Ernesto

Jimmy - the Photographer
We had a photo booth of course, but Jimmy just informed me that all of his high def. pictures added up to 9GIGs.  WTF!??!


People of March

Sean, Sunny  - Short Stop - they're old friends.  Sunny runs the show.  Found a cute boy and bought him a drink.  I love it.

Carl - Akbar - he's patting my tummy.  #medium

Will - Hart and Hunter.  He makes friends with the staff.  They appreciate his engagement

Tommy, Charles, Jimmy - Angel City Brewery's Food Truck Haven Event.  There's a slide inside.

Bien's goodbye WeHo adventure.  I made the diva cry by putting together a photo album.  Good luck in New York!  Such a good singer, such a sasssy sasssy lip syncer.

Take a look at his talent.  You'll be impressed, I promise.

Good Night March!  Thank you friends for taking these pictures.

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