Wednesday, June 19, 2013

The Vegas Formula

Back in April, Charles celebrated his 30th birthday in Las Vegas.  Above you can see that they are preparing to lose their kidneys.  This is the second time I've gone to Las Vegas for a birthday and we've come up with a no fail formula.

1. Drive in on Saturday morning
2. Eat at Wicked Spoon and get wasted from their bottomless mimosas/bloody Mary's (be loud and obnoxious)
3. Drink more alcohol from the stash that we smuggled into the Palazzo
4. Hit the pool drunk
5. Take a nap
6. Eat a late dinner at a burger joint
7. Get ready to go out
8. Have a mediocre time at a gay bar
9. Wander the streets and stay up until 4AM
10. Separate Sunday morning and regret the drive

However we added a few more steps:

2.3 - Judge the Wicked Spoon for mislabeling the Asian food and be a diva about it. BTW they still haven't fixed this even though they responded to my tweet.

Got Charles the same Birthday dessert platter as Ernesto in 2011!

2.6 - Take an epic walk from the Cosmo to the Palazzo and dance to the music playing from the Bellagio water show

 4.5 - Play pool games, but actually just sit on each other and raise your hands randomly.  I had a waterproof case for my iPhone and took some fun pool shots.

5.5 - Try to take a nap while others folic in weird poses.  I actually took the liberty of walking around in my underwear after receiving one compliment about how much weight I lost.  I guess I only need one trigger to feel gratuitously sexy.  No. not posting those pictures. 

Just wanter the halls as if you own the place.

by Martin

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