Saturday, June 15, 2013

My Landlord and Echo Park Lake

I left a voice message for my landlord's daughter:

"Hi, this is Chris from 321.  Thanks for letting me know that someone will be appraising the house, but you never confirmed when your dad would come by to fix things.  I found him in the hallway this morning without notice.  I've been living here for years and I feel uncomfortable with your dad coming in whenever he pleases.  I was sleeping naked.  Please let him know that we would appreciate a heads up the day before."

Three days later I get a phone call.

"Hi Chris... I got your message.  I'm so sorry for my dad.  I've told him many times to let you know, but he's just old!!  He's just so old he doesn't understand.  I'm sorry.... he's so old"

I found this response very endearing.  I related, my grandpa is really old and does a lot of silly things. But when I saw him that morning, I made it clear that I was upset despite the language barrier.

"Hi Jose.. what's going on here."
"Oh you sleep?  Only today."
"yes I was sleeping, could you let me know next time."
"Not much noise.. so sorry."

He continued to repaint the patio and the bathroom.

This morning I found him again in the back.  This time, it was to re-cement the porch.  It's become whatever.  You can't get too angry with him, he has no teeth, he looks great in a cowboy hat and our rent is cheap.  He's like a 5th roommate.  Wonder if he'd like some leftovers.


Echo Park Lake has reopened after 2 long years.  Hopefully it stays wonderful.  They've removed the pollution, rebuilt the wetlands and installed a natural filtering system.  Hopefully people pick up after themselves.  Just in time for the summer #picnics #jogging.  And it's walking distance from 321!

Instagram pictures.  Credit given in the file name:

Jimmy having a laugh with the mayor elect Eric Garcetti

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